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  • In "The Crisis of the Modern Male," best-selling author Myles Munroe delves into the heart of contemporary manhood. In a world where traditional roles are rapidly changing, Munroe explores the profound confusion and uncertainty that many men face today regarding their identity and societal expectations. This insightful book offers a deeper understanding of the challenges men encounter as they navigate roles as individuals, fathers, and husbands. Through a thoughtful examination of cultural attitudes and divine purpose, Munroe provides men with a roadmap to uncovering their true destiny and potential, as originally intended.

    Key Features:

    Author: Best-selling author Myles Munroe.
    Themes: Manhood, identity, societal roles, divine purpose.
    Benefits: Provides clarity and guidance for men struggling with modern societal expectations.
    Audience: Men seeking understanding of their roles in today's shifting cultural lan

    Understanding The Purpose and Power of Men

    SKU: 978-08836872523

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