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Want to learn to hear God's voice? Would you like to know the methods God uses to speak? Have you had difficulty hearing his voice clearly in difficult times? 

Have you ever wondered who speaks to him: I will be, will be God, or be the enemy? With the help of the Holy Spirit, this book will take you to experience a new spiritual dimension where you can clearly discern the voice of her lover. 

The privilege to hear His voice is not only for the great servants of God, but for those who crave know wholeheartedly. This ability can be developed in you to follow the steps that this book teaches not only to know him more, but to be able to flow in the supernatural. 

Do we really want to reach new heights with Jesus Christ? Learn to hear His voice today and He will teach your time to do, where to go and what to say! 

How to Hear the Voice of God. Written by Guillermo Maldonado.



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