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  • If today's believers only knew the spiritual power for breakthrough that comes through fasting, they would practice it more! A breakthrough is a sudden spiritual burst that pushes us beyond our limitations and into deliverance and freedom.

    Many Christians are struggling with a need for guidance, deliverance from long-term issues, and answers to perplexing circumstance--and they desperately need breakthroughs Furthermore, as the second coming fo the Lord draws near, we are dealing with demonic powers that have never before been seen on the earth. Our need to pray and fast has intensified because this is the only way we can be prepared to confront these destructive powers.

    "Your Father who sees (your fasting) in secret will reward you openly"

    Matthew 6:18

    Breakthrough Fast: Accessing the Power of God-Paperback

    SKU: 978-1641231657
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