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Personal Discipleship, Level 1, was the launching pad for mentors and disciples; a stage of preparation, knowledge, and ministering in the weakest and most needed areas of every human being. This new level introduces the vision of God for his people. At this level, the mentor will identify and send the disciples who demonstrate the potential and maturity to disciple and transmit the vision to others, as they help them complete their requirements and seek their disciples. This will enable them to share what they have learned and grow even more. If level 1 was a blessing to you and if it was helpful in your own process of maturity then this level will take you closer to the purpose that God has for your life. 
Twelve areas covering every aspect in the life of a disciple are included in this level: 
*Devotional Life 
*Ministry, Calling, and Purpose 
*Inner Healing and Deliverance 
*The Apostolic and Prophetic Reform 
*Physical Health 
After each lesson, you will find the corresponding guide that will help the mentor prepare the class and stay focused on its objectives. Furthermore, it includes questions and activities for the disciples to immediately apply what they learn. 
Publicado en Diciembre 2010



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