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We want to share with you, dear reader, these 52 lessons have been a blessing to thousands. Strategies are given by God to the Apostle Guillermo Maldonaldo, where the wisdom of our Heavenly Father is reflected from start to finish. 

For the simplicity with which each topic is treated, this book is for all those who want God's counsel to address the problems that life presents them daily; but can also be used by pastors and ministers of the gospel to bring the Word of God to their congregations. 
Your life will never be the same after reading these pages. No matter if you are looking for is advice to overcome family problems or if you just want guidance on how best to serve God's purpose. These 52 lessons will stroll through a wide range of topics with simplicity, but at the same time offering the depth of God's Word. 
Most importantly, this book contains practical applications for your life today, for problems that ordinary citizens like you and I face today. God surprised him, as you read, as it will start to touch your life in such a skilled way, you will be radically transformed. 



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