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Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Looking for gift ideas for a loved one? The Carpet of Blessings gift shop has plenty to choose from. Here are some ideas to help you decide on the perfect gift.

Wife, Mom, Sister, or Aunt

Moms, aunts, grandmothers, and other maternal personalities in your life are really precious. When you are ready to celebrate them, consider:

  • A porcelain teapot along with a saucer and cup set

  • Quirky coffee mugs with your choice of message

  • Note pad desk set with horses, flowers, birds, or other designs

  • A beautiful jewelry music box

  • A handy phone case purse or wallet

  • Leather purse or handbag

  • Fragrant candles

  • Women’s Study Bible

  • Books on marriage

Husband, Dad, Brother, or Uncle

The paternal figures in your life play a big role. Show them how important they are with:

  • Mesh stainless steel watches in gunmetal or silver

  • A black or white cordless razor

  • Mini dartboard game

  • Agenda or Bible Folio

  • Books on marriage and leadership

  • Men’s Bible

Teenagers and Younger Children

Give the youngsters in your life something cool or encouraging, such as:

  • Save the Girls Phone purse- cat or dog design

  • Leather backpacks

  • Dakota stainless bike chain bracelets

  • Waterproof adventure speakers

  • Journals

  • Study Bible

  • Life lessons books

  • Iguana necklace and bracelet set

  • Devotionals for young kids

  • Children’s Bible

  • Books on princesses of the Bible or God’s miracles


These gift ideas are just a fraction of the beautiful and intriguing items found in the Carpet of Blessings gift shop. Take a look for yourself for more gift ideas for others or a treat for yourself.

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