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Candles For Sale

Personalized Mugs and Candles for Sale

Each and every one of your loved ones is unique. They all have their individual personalities and quirks that make them the person you love so much. It is that individuality that makes each and every one of them deserve unique gifts.

We all have at least one coffee drinker in our lives, which is what makes creative and personalized mugs such an awesome gift. Help them start their day with an uplifting message, a cute saying to make them smile, or a reminder of how special they are to you.

At Carpet of Blessings, you can find beautiful personalized mugs and candles for sale. Have a dog lover in your life? Try an adorable “Dog Dad” or “Dog Mom” mug and note set. How about someone who loves to garden? They will love the quirky Boutique Flower Pot mugs accompanied by a spoon in the shape of a shovel. There are also porcelain mug, coaster, and spoon sets to suit a more traditional taste. In fact, there is a mug to suit every coffee drinker’s taste.

Candles, of course, are another popular gift item. The sweet scents and cozy glow that they emit are hard to beat. With Carpet of Blessings, you can find such scents as:

  • Cafe Sweets

  • Warm Woods

  • Fireside

  • Frasier Fir

  • Redwood

These scents come in large jars, some of which are layered with three separate fragrances that balance out into a beautiful smell while others provide a single pleasant smell. There is also a line of smaller tin candles in the following fragrances:

  • Vanilla Gourmand

  • Gingered Pumpkin

  • Poplar & Pine

  • Cinnamon Buttercream

  • Amberwood

  • And Flickering Fireside

These candles and coffee mugs are great gift ideas for loved ones or even for yourself. Take a look at these Carpet of Blessings collections of personalized mugs and candles for sale for your next gift selection.

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