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The Carpet of Blessings Online Book Store

For many, reading books is similar to a vacation. It gives one the opportunity to escape into a different world for a while whether it is a fiction story or a nonfiction one showing you a better way of living.

The Carpet of Blessings online book store is a haven for book lovers. There is a large selection of both books in English and books in Spanish to cater to a myriad of readers. Some of the incredible selection includes the following:

Children’s Books

Books about a variety of topics from the princesses of the Bible to God’s supernatural power.

Leadership Books

Everyone needs some guidance from time to time, especially those who lead others. These books can help leaders overcome struggles and be the best they can be.


Choose between several Bibles and other books that can teach you invaluable life lessons.

Books from T.D. Jakes, Dr. Myles Munroe, and John C. Maxwell

There are several books in Spanish and English from these well known and trusted authors.

Strong Marriage

Strong marriages don’t just happen- they take work. The Carpet of Blessings offers several books that can guide you and your partner in building a great relationship together.


Journals are incredible as they give you a place to express yourself without fear of shame and judgment.


If you are searching for the perfect gift for the reader in your life, take a look at The Carpet of Blessings collection.

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